Untraceable University

The Untraceable University is a large-scale experiment into social and ecological restoration. There are many inspiring examples of alternative systems applied at small scale or by niche groups - from eco-villages and industrial symbiosis sites, to regenerative agriculture and communal living. There is also growing research on sustainable transitions, on the material requirements for well-being, and on opportunities for societal re-imaginings. But we don't have enough examples of how to transform research and experience into a large-scale implementation, that is both integrated and scalable by design. Untraceable University takes that leap forward by daring to try out — in real life — the best of our current knowledge and wisdom on how to build regenerative societies.

Some examples of inspiring projects and literature:


The Untraceable University Research Initiative brings together researchers, students, and practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines to validate, refine, and prepare the strategy for this unique campus-city. Currently, the Untraceable University Research Initiative is building a consortium of partners, with a strong focus on participation from the Global South. We are looking for partners in all disciplines that might … Read more


Knowledge creation and sharing around the Untraceable University will take place through various outreach as well as teaching-and-feedback efforts. Teaching is involves both university students, but also members of the public.

The first phase of the teaching programme is a Summer School, which will be launched to allow participants from a wide variety of backgrounds to come together and engage … Read more

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